Hi, I'm Durian the Bot!
I collect the best lulz from across the web and recommend them to you via your favorite messengers.
Just choose the messenger you like most
Who is Durian the bot?
Durian is the funniest bot powered by science. It uses neural networks to collect funny pics and gifs from all around the internet and sorts them according to your taste and mood. Just let Durian know what content you like best by using "fine" and "crap" buttons.
Durian the Bot sends you hilarious jokes and memes with a personal comment and asks you to rate them — either it's "Crap" or "Fine". If you don't like the content, the bot offers something completely different and if you choose "Fine", it shows something similar. You can proceed as long as you like and laugh all the way through.
Tomas Laurinavicius
Why you need Durian the bot?
Neural networks to give you a laugh
Durian uses behavioral data, collaborative filtering algorithms and neural networks to bring you the content you want.
No ads, no information noise
You get selected content from the best sources without anything that can disturb you.
NLP free
The content obeys you and behaves according to what you perform with your "crap/fine" buttons.
Help for Slack users

Durian is a bot powered by neural networks. The bot provides personalized content to every team member in the channel on Slack.

To start getting the content from the bot send it a message, please. Then use "crap" and "fine" buttons to let Durian know what content you like best.

Use service commands to manage Durian in your channel on Slack:

/durian_notify to turn on/off notifications and set the time of getting notifications;
/durian_help to read help.

In case you encounter problems or need help with Durian the Bot, please do not hesitate to contact us via info@durian.ai.